Magastic EXTRA®

Natural H Pylori Treatment

Magastic® EXTRA combines 350mg of high strength natural Mastic Gum, with Zinc and Vitamin B6, to create a well-balanced natural treatment for Helicobacter Pylori infections.

Antimicrobial (against harmful H. Pylori) ✔
350mg of Mastic Gum per dose ✔
Convenient Chewable Tablet ✔
Anti-inflammatory ✔
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans ✔
Manufactured and sold in the UK ✔ 

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What is Magastic Extra?

Magastic® EXTRA has been designed using natural mastic gum, which is known to not only target and eliminate H Pylori bacteria, but also to help soothe the uncomfortable symptoms associated with H Pylori infections.

With the H pylori bacterium becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotic treatments, clinical trials have found Mastic Gum to successfully kill some of these more resilient strains of bacteria.

Simply take one chewable tablet after breakfast, lunch, and dinner to fight your H Pylori infection naturally and help alleviate your symptoms.

How It Works

Mastic Gum has a number of gut-friendly properties that make it extremely effective at fighting against H. Pylori.

These gut-friendly properties all work together to provide indigestion support and help you to maintain healthy digestive function.

The spiral shape of the H Pylori bacterium enables it to penetrate the mucus lining of the stomach wall and avoid survive in the harsh acidic stomach environment. The antimicrobial properties contained with Mastic Gum, restrict the growth of the bacteria in the stomach and eliminate it over time.

As a natural anti-inflammatory, Mastic Gum also soothes the uncomfortable symptoms associated with H Pylori infections and has been shown even at low doses (1 mg per day for two weeks) to cure peptic ulcers (published in the New England Journal of Medicine).

The Formula

Magastic® EXTRA contains Mastic Gum which supports healthy digestion & metabolism

Magastic® EXTRA contains Zinc which contributes to normal acid-base metabolism

Magastic® EXTRA contains Vitamin B6 which contributes to normal glycogen and protein synthesis

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