Q. Is Magastic® suitable to take during pregnancy?

A. Magastic® is a natural product, however, please always consult your doctor or a pharmacist before using if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q. Will Magastic® affect my ability to drive and use machinery?

A. Magastic® has no effects on ability to drive or use machinery.

Q. What does Magastic® contain?

A. Magastic is a natural blend of Mastic gum, vitamin B6 and zinc. For full ingredients please click here.

Q. When should you go to your Doctor?

A. It is important to contact your GP immediately if you suspect you have a stomach ulcer. Additional symptoms would include blood in faeces, blood in sputum, difficulty in swallowing or unexplained weight loss

A. Magastic® has no known side effects when taken as directed.

Q. Does Magastic® have any side-effects?

A. There are no known interactions with other medicines.

Q. Does Magastic® interact with any other products?

A Magastic® can be used by adults over the age of 16 years.

Q. Who can use Magastic®?

A. Adults and children over 16 years, suck then chew one tablet up to three times each day when required, after food.

Q. How do I take Magastic®?

A. Yes, Magastic® and Magastic Extra® are both suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Q. Can I take Magastic® if I am Vegetarian or Vegan?